Empowering People To Lead & Succeed Through Fitness

I’m a personal trainer in Denver, CO, an online personal trainer and fitness business coach.  I help people in Denver and throughout the United States reach their fitness goals through my unique online fitness programs.  I also help fitness professionals strengthen their business with focused consulting and coaching to build a solid, sustainable and fulfilling business.

Are you looking for a flexible fitness program with daily accountability coaching to help you reach your fitness goals?  Maybe you are trying to get your body back after baby or are preparing for a beach vacation?  I can help you reach your goals from the comfort of your own home and computer.  Sometimes traveling to the gym isn’t convenient for you or maybe you are looking for a solid program that you can follow during travel.  I have many programs that flexible,  effective and affordable.

Please look around my website and you’ll find information that will help you take the next step in your health and fitness journey.  From my popular free 3 Day Quick Fix Program to my free recipes and meal plans, there is something to inspire people of all fitness levels to make healthy positive changes that help you change your life.

If you are interested in my coaching, consulting, writing, or speaking at your event. Please fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

My online coaching programs are designed for busy professionals who desire to improve their health through personal accountability with a professional coach and expert program design.  I develop each online program specifically for your goals. I offer a private VIP online coaching program and small group coaching. Expect weight loss, healthy lifestyle habits, a daily dose of positivity and serious results.

I help fitness professionals take their business to the next level and  build a life by design. 6 years ago I was a burned out fitness professional, new mama and fitness studio owner.  I had too much on my plate and was feeling uninspired in my career and life. Now, I love my part-time fitness career that produces a full-time income because I got smart about how I was spending my time and focused on building additional revenue streams into my business.  I offer one on one coaching and a fitness business mastermind group for experienced and successful personal trainers who want to revamp, rebrand, attract your perfect personal training clients and open your own online fitness studio.

Private VIP personal training sessions are available at my private fitness studio in Cherry Creek/Denver, CO. I specialize in healthy lifestyle coaching, strength training, functional workouts featuring the TRX Suspension Trainer, meditation and nutrition.  My favorite clients are women and men over the age of 50 who will benefit from professional, positive and focused coaching by a 20 year veteran of the fitness industry.  As of January 2017 I have limited availability for in-home sessions in the Cherry Creek Area. Please contact me to schedule a personal training consultation.