Online personal training is a hot topic in the fitness industry these days.  Many personal trainers, fitness instructors and studio owners are looking for ways to add revenue streams to their business without having to train more clients or teach more classes.  In my opinion, finding ways to earn more without having to be at the gym or studio is a smart way to diversify your business.

A quick Google search will return lots of options to offer online personal training.  There are small fitness companies popping up everywhere that offer technology to aid fitness professionals in serving clients online.

Some of the online personal training programs that are currently available have a few drawbacks.  Most of the websites and software available for online personal training enables the trainer/instructor to teach a live class online with participants logging in at specific times to join the trainer.  Some of the other websites and software offer the ability to create your own workout videos and develop programs for each clients specific goals with daily check ins.  The drawbacks to this form on online training is that the trainer is still trading hours for dollars.

Simply stated, it means that your fitness business has the potential to multiply revenue with minimal incremental cost.  To create a scaleable business that will deliver recurring revenue each month fitness professionals need to stop trading hours for dollars. Smart fitness professionals are maximizing their precious hours each day with group personal training, online personal training and a few one-on-one personal training sessions.  We only have so may hours per day that we can earn money with live training sessions, usually between the hours of 5am – 10am and 4pm – 8pm.

To earn more money you need to add revenue streams to your business that don’t actually require you to be face-to-face with clients in the studio.  Cloning personal trainers in your fitness studio is expensive and time consuming,  therefore it’s not scalable.  Offering online personal training is scalable and will deliver greater profits for your business for years to come.Reach a larger audience with online personal training

  • Earn more money without having to take on more clients or teach additional classes
  • Create flexibility in your schedule because you can work with online personal training clients anywhere and anytime
  • Inability to effectively correct movement patterns and form
  • Difficulty finding clients that are interested in online personal training
  • Finding ways to creatively keep clients engaged with online personal training programs

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