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Have you tried the strict Keto Diet in an effort to burn fat and lose weight? 

Have you seen amazing Keto transformations online and would like the same results?  

I get it! I tried the Keto Diet and it was too strict for me. I wanted to experience all of the benefits of ketosis without having to consume crazy amounts of animal  protein and dairy, and I don't want to miss out on eating my favorite foods.  

I've create a simple system to burn fat and increase energy without strict diets or counting every calorie. I call it Easy Healthy Keto and I've created a 5 day online coaching group (party!) to teach you how to do it and get started right away in my 5 day group. 

Join me and kickstart your summer goals and tap into a new lifestyle that you'll want to stick with forever because you'll feel so good. 

My next group starts June 3rd

  • 5 Days of Online Classes and Inspiration: I'll go LIVE everyday in our private Facebook group and teach you my simple fat loss/weight loss system that doesn't require strict diets or calorie counting. 
  • LIVE Workouts: I've been a personal trainer for 20 years and I'll be doing LIVE (20 minute) functional/fat burning workouts that deliver serious results. 
  • 5 Day Easy Keto Meal Plan: Get started ASAP with this easy, delicious and family friendly meal plan that will boost energy and accelerate fat loss.
  • Recipe Guides, Meal Plans and More! I've got tons of resources that you can immediately download and printout to keep you on track and motivated.