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If your score was 7 - 10

Nice work mama! Your gut health is good and you're making good choices when it comes to nutrition.  If you're having a hard time burning belly fat, I can help you figure out a simple way to get back on track in my Free Five Day How to Heal Your Gut Naturally and Accelerate Fat Loss  Facebook Coaching Group.  Click the link below because we start on Monday!

If your score was 4 - 6

Chances are that improving your gut health will improve your overall health and decrease body fat percentage.  Empowering yourself through education is the first step in learning the simple steps you can take to make BIG changes.  Click the button below to join our free 5  Five Day How to Heal Your Gut Naturally and Accelerate Fat Loss so you can learn the simple steps to improving your gut health. We start on Monday! 

If your score was below 5

If your score was lower than 5 you might have underlying gut health issues.  Research has shown the that gut health affects everything from brain cognition, autoimmune disease treatment, sleep quality, fat loss and weight loss. Click the button below to join my free Five Day How to Heal Your Gut Naturally and Accelerate Fat Loss and Overall Health ASAP. We start on Monday! 

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Health Gut, Happy Belly (Free 5 Day Facebook Coaching Group)

What's Included?

5 years ago I found out that I had developed a food sensitivity to some of the healthy foods I was eating every day.  I think it was partially due to a nutrient dense super foods shake I had been drinking for 8 years.  It had over 50 ingredients in it and I was drinking a huge serving everyday blended with kale, almond milk and greek yogurt. 

Eventually my stomach started to look more bloated than flat and stomach pain was a daily occurrence. When I visited my naturopath and took a food sensitivity test, I learned that I had developed food sensitivities to healthy food! It wasn't just gluten that my body was rejecting, it was almonds, kale, peas, dairy and ground buffalo.  These were all things I was consuming on a daily basis.  My body was rejecting the foods I was eating and I was missing out on the vital nutrients to maintain my health and burn belly fat. 

I've learned so much about healing my gut  and it's affected everything from fat loss, better sleep, reduced inflammation, better energy and my favorite benefit ... better brain cognition and mood. 

Join me for a short 5 day training where I'll share what I've learned and help you feel better too! I'll be brining in some of the top gut health experts and naturopathic doctors to share  their pearls of wisdom with us and of course there will be fun give-aways and prizes for the gals who participate the most.  

Here's what we will cover in the 5 Day Healthy Gut and Happy Belly Group: 

  • How to determine if you have leaky gut
  • What you should and shouldn't eat when you have leaky gut
  • A healthy gut and happy belly 5 day meal plan
  • The most important thing you can consume to improve your gut health
  • Gut Health and Fat Loss Masterclass 

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I would love to have you join us! Click the button to join and get ready to learn and be inspired! We start Monday. Let's do this! 

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